Taxi Booking Apps

Which app do you down load and use for booking a taxi with mobile device? Depends what city your in. Some apps work only in certain cities. Some taxi companies only use a specific app. Some of the websites mentioned below only provide phone numbers and meter fares rates ( not a direct booking link feature )but are very accurate. The answer is not simple , unless of you are in a large cities whose taxi companies might use a booking app that also provides service in several other large cities. I am trying to produce a directory which use keyword tags such as ” Boston taxi companies” or “Pittsburgh taxi app” This blog post will update and cite works from transportation industry professional on the continuing expansion of know websites and apps as they add more cities to their coverage areas. Remember also some “taxi apps” are actually “ride share apps” that is they may use the name taxi in their title but they don’t necessarily use licensed taxi companies.
Taxi Reservations

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To contact and book a cab online with Taxicaller, go to the homepage, scroll to the bottom, click on “Directory”, find “Taxi Services by country” then alphabetical Listings of cities.
Find a #Taxi anywhere in the world. via @taxicaller

Curb is now a part of @Verifone!

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The text directly below uses a example city, pick-up and drop-off point. Enter your point of interest to get the regulated taxi rates set by the municipality. It also provides Local taxis phone numbers

The website referred to directly below uses actual companies that use the website for taxi bookings and payments to assure service is provided at a set date and time.

The Mobile app referred to below provides direct contact with taxi companies dispatcher in major cities in the United States and Canada

Uber has repeatedly argued that it doesn't have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Now disabilities rights' advocates are pushing back.Posted by Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Estimate a #Taxi fare between #Louisville Kentucky and #Cincinnati Ohio

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Use a Zip Code to Locate a Taxi Cab in your area.

Taxi Service Find taxis, taxicabs or cabs for hire in any US location

Use a Zip Code to Locate a Taxi Cab in your area.

Taxi Service Find taxis, taxicabs or cabs for hire in any US location


Click the next Link to book Taxi services in European cities

Louisville Taxi Louisville: 2449480

Action Taxi Nashville: 5829635

Finding Taxis in countries around the world

Contact Licensed Taxi companies in Europe

Estimate #Taxi fares in #Metropolitan areas via @delicious

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