Gas Stations


@luislinares39 Try this link.. There is a map feature you will find helpful :)

— Speedway (@Speedway) April 28, 2015


Post by AAA.



— Allstate Insurance (@Allstate) May 16, 2014
The national average price of gas today ended a 40-day streak of being higher than a year ago.


— AAA (@AAAnews) May 19, 2014


Add the GasBuddyapp to find #cheapgas and #savemoney!

— GasBuddy(@GasBuddy) July 10, 2015


Download a mobile app that detects #Gas and #Fuel stations near you

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 5, 2015



Find #Locations of Alternative #Fuel and charging stations for #EV electric vehicles

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 5, 2015


Drive an #EV or other #altfuel vehicle? Check out our station locator before you hit the road:

— Energy Department (@ENERGY) September 2, 2015

Latest #Rewards points offers from #Gas and #Fuel stations via @sharethis

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 15, 2015

More than 20 million customers a day visit Shell service stations for fuels, motor oils, car care products and more.

via Online Shell Station Locator.



Gas #Mileage can be improved by using alternative #Fuels and #Driving techniques via @energysaver

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 2, 2016

Roadside Gas Stations

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SAVE 3₡/GAL every time you fill up! Look for our CentsOffMarathon code thru GasBuddyto save instantly at the pump.

— Drop Tank, LLC (@Drop_Tank) June 1, 2016

Down Load a mobile #App for #Fuel station #Locations in the eastern United States

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 13, 2016

The owners of these #EV cars can charge for free in #Cities across America via @AutoweekUSA

— Luis Linares (@luislinares39) September 2, 2016

Is your city one of the 11 new No Charge to Charge cities? Where should we go next?

— Nissan Electric (@NissanElectric) July 11, 2016


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